16-Year-Old Asian Teen Fatally Shot Outside His Home in Seattle

21-Year-Old South Asian Woman Suffers Devastating Injuries After Being Randomly Attacked with Acid in New York

18-Year-Old Asian Woman Brutally Attacked and Called Racial Slurs in California Skatepark

Outrage Sparked After Band Names Themselves After a Concentration Camp From the Cambodian Genocide

Jamie Chung Stuns SAG Award Show with #StopAsianHate Inspired Outfit

Asian Woman That Was Once a War Refugee Rises Up the Ranks of the US Army

Woman Makes Racist Comments on Facebook Post of 2-Year-Old Asian Girl

64-Year-Old Asian Woman Fatally Stabbed While Walking Her Dogs in California

Asian American Church Zoom-Bombed With Racial Slurs and Pornographic Images During Good Friday Service

94-Year-Old Asian Grandmother Gifted a Sixers’ Jersey After Her Love for the NBA is Shared on Twitter

Texas School District Under Fire After Racist Language is Used in Middle School Test

Korean Beauty Store Owner Left Bloodied After Brutal Attack in Texas

19-Year-Old Asian Girl Shot in the Face in San Francisco

Man Bashes 54-Year-Old Asian Woman’s Face With a Pipe and Yells Racial Insults in NYC Attack

Asian Woman Robbed and Dragged by a Car in an Unprovoked San Francisco Attack

68-Year-Old Asian Man Left Bloodied After Brutal Unprovoked Attack in NYC Subway

Man Urinates on 25-Year-Old Asian Woman In NYC Subway

Remembering Xiaojie Tan, a Victim in the Atlanta Spa Shootings Who Was Murdered a Day Before Her 50th Birthday

Two Asian Women Hit By Car and Dragged to Death in California

Asian College Student Choked and Slashed With a Knife in a Brutal Brooklyn Attack

Grammys Spark Outrage After BTS’s Nominated Category Is Moved Out of the Main Ceremony

Asian Man Shot and Killed in Front of His Son in San Jose

83-Year-Old Asian Grandmother Spit At and Assaulted in New York

75-Year-Old Asian Elder Dies After Brutal Assault in Oakland

Man Spits and Yells Racial Slurs at a 25-Year-Old Asian Mother and Her Baby

K-Pop Songs Return to Spotify After a New Licensing Deal with Kakao Entertainment is Reached

Asian Father in Critical Condition After a Driver Struck Him as He Was Loading His Son Into the Car

44-Year-Old Asian Woman and Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Fatally Stabbed in California

54-Year-Old Asian Man Beaten and Left to Freeze in New York

Investigation Launched into the Murder of a 16-year-old Asian Girl

Female Asian Student Attacked and Called a Racial Slur in Oregon

Suspect Arrested in Unprovoked Attack that Left a 74-year-old Asian Grandfather Dead

Asian Grocery Store Owner Described as Having a “Really Big Heart” Shot and Killed in Utah

Australian Rapper Racially Abuses Asian Woman on a Sydney Train

Constance Wu Returning to Television in New Amazon Series With Chris Pratt

What’s Happening in Myanmar and How You Can Help

Bystander Shouts Racist Comments at an Asian Man Involved in a Car Accident

Explosive Device Detonated at the Nebraska Chinese Association Building

Sacramento Teacher Uses Slant-Eyes to Describe Asians in Online Class

German Radio Host Says BTS Should Be Eradicated like COVID-19 and Sent to North Korea

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are Getting Remakes on Nintendo Switch

Nickelodeon Launches Avatar Studios to Expand the World of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

Group of Men Steal From and Brutally Beat Asian Pizzeria Owner

Man Leaves a Dead, Mutilated Cat in the Parking Lot of an Asian American Owned Butcher Shop in Sacramento

Seattle Mariners CEO Resigns After Making Offensive Comments About Japanese Player

Quincy Police Search for Suspect Who Attacked a 69-Year-Old Asian Man and a 55-Year-Old Asian Woman

California Legislators Allocate $1.4 Million to Help Combat Anti-Asian Violence

Innocent Asian Man Almost Blinded After Being Stabbed in the Face in Front of His Queens Home

What You Can Do About Anti-Asian Racism

Filipino American Man Suffering from a Mental Health Crisis Suffocated to Death as Police Kneel on His Neck

Fundraiser Started to Honor 3 Children Killed in Tragic Houston House Fire

Restaurant Names Dish "COVID Mac" Because It Has Chinese Ingredients

Elementary School Zoom-bombed with Racial Slurs and Nudity During Lunar New Years Celebration

Man Follows Woman in Queens and Shouts Racist "Dog Eating" Comments

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