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5 Asian Dermatologists You Should Follow for Glowing Skin ✨

Because skincare is the best form of self-love

In 2021, there’s no doubt that glowing skin is in. Being almost a year into quarantine and wearing masks in public places, it’s been becoming more normal to rock a bare-face (& inevitable maskne) on most days. Embracing natural beauty is on the rise, and so are skinfluencers all over Instagram and Tiktok. In a sea of “skinfluencers,” there may be a lot of different information spreading around social media that may leave us even more confused about what’s “right” or “wrong” for our skin. Jade rollers? Witch hazel? Microbeads? What does the dermatologist think?

Here are 5 Asian dermatologists that bring skin and science together to help you be more informed & practice the best self care habits for your skin!

Disclaimer: Dermatology advice online does not substitute for medical treatment, if you are experiencing any conditions, it is important to speak to a medical professional for help

1. Dr. Joyce Park

Dr. Joyce Park, is a Stanford University & NYU Board-Certified dermatologist bringing pore-education to the interwebs. On her social media, you’ll learn dermatologist-recommended treatments on how to treat pimple pop-ups (bye-bye maskne), and how to properly layer skincare. Not sure if moisturizer or sunscreen should go first? Dr. Joyce Park teaches the correct order of layering products for maximal dermatological benefits. Not only is she a cool dermatologist, but she’s also a first-time mama, noodle aficionado, and travel junkie finding a balance in life.

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2. Dr. Mamina Turegano

Dr. Mamina Turegano is a triple board-certified Dermatologist, Internist, and Dermatopathologist. Interested in East x West medicine for the skin? Dr. Mamina’s your gal. Dr. Mamina has a passion for teaching about how nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, and several other lifestyle factors correlate with cancer, aging, and inflammation. She is an expert in integrative medicine & includes holistic practices on her patients with conditions like acne & warts. Her motto is, “healing beyond prescriptions,” as she ties western and eastern medicine together while sharing her cute Japanese mom’s anti-aging tips. Give Dr. Mamina a follow if you’re interested in (scientifically) glowing from the inside and out!

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3. Dr. Daniel Sugai

Dr. Daniel Sugai, a board-certified dermatologist who completed his residency at Harvard Medical School, is an Oahu, Hawaii native now based in Seattle. Dr. Daniel Sugai brings skincare education in the form of tinted sunscreen recommendations for men, tips on how to treat dry cracked hands, and retinoid 101 just to name a few. With a contagious smile, Dr. Daniel Sugai brings a no-frills approach to skincare and enjoys hiking, jogging, movies, and traveling in his free time.

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4. Dr. Donna Tran

Dr. Donna Tran is a Southern California-based board-certified dermatologist. After medical school, Dr. Donna Tran was a chief dermatology resident at Western University of Health Sciences (so we know she’s brains & drive)! She’s a professional in lasers, botox, and attends conferences to stay updated on all new things in the dermatology field. On her social media, you’ll find creative skincare content such as her recommendations when Costco skincare shopping & of course, sunscreen awareness. Want the latest on skincare? Following Dr. Donna Tran would be a good bet.

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5. Dr. Kevin Young Chao

Dr. Kevin Young Chao, like his name implies, is the youngest of the dermatologists on this list. A dermatology resident, he is an up and coming bright face in the field. Dr. Kevin Young Chao is a believer in his motto, “skincare science, not hype”. He is pure dermatology facts. On his social media, you’ll find his reactions to skincare hype practices like “Face Yoga”, useful routines for acne & scars. In addition, Dr. Chao brings attention to trends such as jade rollers, CBD oil, and essential oils.

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