NEWSFebruary 19, 2021

Filipino American Man Suffering from a Mental Health Crisis Suffocated to Death as Police Kneel on His Neck

His devastating last words were “Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.”

Warning: The following content may be disturbing to some audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Angelo Quinto, a 30-year-old man from Antioch, California died while suffering from a mental health crisis after a police officer kneeled on the back of his neck. KTVU reports that the incident occurred this past December, two days before Christmas as Angelo, a former sailor in the Navy, began having an episode of paranoia, something he’d been experiencing since recently suffering a head injury.

As the episode progressed, Angelo began holding onto his mother and sister, asking them not to leave. Angelo’s sister, Isabella called 911 fearing that Angelo could become more of a threat.

Although Angelo calmed down by the time the police arrived, the officers restrained him anyway with “one officer holding his legs and the other officer placing his knee and lower leg on the back of his neck” according to Angelo’s mother. They continued restraining him for several minutes until paramedics arrived several minutes later, after which Angelo was no longer moving and had blood coming out of his mouth.

A cell phone video was taken of the encounter, showing Angelo unconscious and face down then being carried out on a gurney by paramedics.

After the incident, Angelo was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead three days later. In a statement, Angelo’s mother devastatingly shared his son’s last words. “He said ‘Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.’ I was there. I was watching them. I trusted them. I thought they know what they’re doing.”

Now, the family is demanding answers and is planning to file a legal claim against the Antioch Police Department. The department has said that they’re still investigating the case.

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