CULTUREFebruary 16, 2021

Japanese Museum Takes Care of Lost Stuffed Animal for 32 Years 🥺🥰

Stuffed animal duck still waiting to be reclaimed.

32 years ago, a Donald Duck stuffed animal was found in the parking lot of Chido Museum, a museum in Japan’s Yamagata prefecture which displays samurai related artifacts like helmets and swords. Since then, the museum has held onto the duck in hopes that its owner, probably a past museumgoer, will reclaim it.

Since no one has reclaimed the duck, it has gotten dusty and dirty. Thankfully, the lovely museum staff took the time to bathe Donald and knit him a new outfit!

The museum hopes that with social media exposure, Donald’s owner will reclaim him. Until then, the Chido museum is happy to take care of Donald. These years, this stuffed animal has accompanied museum staff, rotating between different office desks in the museum.

The original tweet has now been retweeted 27.8 thousand times. Seeing Donald’s popularity, the museum occasionally tweets photos of him and his new companion Daisy Duck!

Here, Donald celebrates Christmas.

Here, Donald rings in the new year, 2021!

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