NEWSMarch 23, 2021

Asian Woman Robbed and Dragged by a Car in an Unprovoked San Francisco Attack

Despite the incident, Clarisse had a forgiving message for her attackers.

An Asian woman named Clarisse spoke with Dion Lim of ABC7 news yesterday about an incident in which she was robbed and dragged by a car in a brutal unprovoked attack in San Francisco at Polk and Bush Streets.

Clarisse said that as she was walking home from church Sunday afternoon, she was approached by three suspects in a car that grabbed her handbag. When she didn’t let go, she was dragged by the car, after which the suspect punched her in the face three times sending her to the ground. Nearby pedestrians rushed to her aid.

Despite the attack, Clarisse had this forgiving message to say to her attackers, “I forgive you and I want you to really hope and pray you get what you need out of life but not in a way that’s criminal.” She credits her strong faith in God and her amazing friends in helping her get through this traumatic incident.

While she’s not sure if this attack was racially motivated, she definitely found it ironic that it occurred in the midst of surging anti-Asian hate crimes that are occurring in the Bay Area and across the nation.

Please visit this link for ways that you can help stop Anti-Asian racism.

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