NEWSMarch 02, 2021

Australian Rapper Racially Abuses Asian Woman on a Sydney Train

A video of the incident was posted to social media and has since been deleted.

An Australian rapper that goes by the name Flecks City recently hurled racial insults at an Asian woman on a Sydney train, as reported by the Daily Mail.

He recorded a video of the incident and posted it on social media. In the video, which has since been deleted, he could be heard saying, “How bout you f*k off to China. You f*king peasant. You invaded our country.”

The rapper continued his racial tirade as the woman is held back by her male companion, who the man called a p*sy, “You know who I am? I’m king of the Aussie, I’m king of the Aussie. At the end of the day you’re an Asian peasant. You come to my f*king country.”

The woman said, “I’m not from China. I come to your country. I contribute to your country. Why are you being like this?” in response to the racist comments.

The man issued an apology on his Facebook account, blaming his racist outburst on “8 xanax bars, 6 clonazepam, and a copious amount of alcohol,” claiming that he doesn’t even remember the incident.


Both his Youtube and Instagram accounts have been deleted.

Please visit this link for ways that you can help stop Anti-Asian racism.

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