NEWSMarch 27, 2021

Korean Beauty Store Owner Left Bloodied After Brutal Attack in Texas

The perpetrators now face charges of aggravated and misdemeanor assault.

Surveillance footage was captured that shows Jung Kim, a Korean beauty store owner in Houston, Texas, being brutally attacked inside her own store, as reported by ABC13. The attack occurred on March 17th inside the Uptown Beauty No. 10 store in north Houston.

The footage shows two women knocking wigs off the displays in the store, after which Kim began to pick them up. Sungjun Lee, Kim’s son said, “They dropped the wigs, so my mom picked it up, because that’s the job.” Lee says the women then began to hurl racial insults, allegedly saying, “F* Chinese! F* Asians!”

Minutes later, the women returned and began throwing punches. Lee described the encounter, “They broke down our wig section and then they punched my mom. We don’t know why they did, but they punched my mom.”

The attack, which was captured by surveillance footage, left Kim bloodied on the ground. Police identified the two women as Keaundra Young and Daquiesha Williams. Young has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, which is classified as a second-degree felony while Williams has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

According to prosecutors, Young allegedly tried to hit the store owners with her car after leaving the store.

Houston Police investigators continue to work on the case as the Harris County District Attorney’s Office determines whether the criminal charges will be enhanced to a hate crime.

Please visit this link for ways that you can help stop Anti-Asian racism.

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