NEWSMarch 24, 2021

Man Bashes 54-Year-Old Asian Woman’s Face With a Pipe and Yells Racial Insults in NYC Attack

The attack happened in broad daylight on a crowded street.

WARNING: This article may be distressing to some readers.

A 54-year-old Asian woman, identified as Ming Liang, was walking home after grocery shopping on Sunday when she was suddenly bashed in the face with a metal pipe by a stranger. The attack happened on Grand St. near Ludlow St. around 4:45 pm, as reported by the Daily News.

During the attack, the man was reported to shout, “I came here to f*ck up Asians!” He was taken into police custody soon after the attack and has since been identified as 34-year-old Elias Guerrero. Guerrero was charged with assault as a hate crime, resisting arrest, harassment, and weapon possession.

Liang, who has two daughters, is traumatized after the attack. “If someone is willing to hurt me while walking down the street, what if it happens again?”

Liang’s daughters expressed their concern for their mother. One said, “I’m worried for her. It happened in broad daylight, that’s why I’m shocked. It happened on Grand St., which is a very crowded street. It’s not just an alleyway. That’s why I’m scared.”

This attack is yet another hate incident that has targeted Asians in a surge of anti-Asian sentiment across the nation.

Please visit this link for ways that you can help stop Anti-Asian racism.

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