CULTUREApril 02, 2021

94-Year-Old Asian Grandmother Gifted a Sixers’ Jersey After Her Love for the NBA is Shared on Twitter

The heartwarming video was posted by her granddaughter.

A 94-year-old Asian grandmother was surprised with a jersey from the Philadelphia 76ers after a tweet went viral showing her listing her favorite player from each NBA team on a notepad. The heartwarming video posted by her granddaughter, Lili Gu, shows her opening the surprise package, sent by Danny Green, her favorite player on the Sixers.

Gu first tweeted about her grandmother on March 16th, after which multiple NBA players and teams have retweeted and replied back.

In an update, Gu said her grandmother thanks everyone for her new fans and is extremely flattered and grateful for all the attention.

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